Call for Papers

Please email synopsis for presentations (to be concluded within 12 minutes) on the following topics:
  1. Community radios against rising radicalism,  extremisms, fundamentalism, and intolerance
  2. Role, challenges and opportunities for national CR networks
  3. Digitalisation of radio and its impact on CR
  4. Community radio and rights of the indigenous People
  5. Disaster Risk Reduction through CR
  6. Community radios against gender violence and violence against minorities
  7. Promoting rights of women, girls and trans people and enhancing access & control over community radios
  8. Growing social and economic inequality in the AP region and the challenge for community radio
  9. Current challenges for community broadcasting vis-a-vis policy, regulation and media Laws
Please note the following: 
Synopsis should contain the following:
1) Title of presentation
2) body of presentation (please include an intro, key arguments and conflicts, any recommendation) (max 650 words)
3) Any reference for the presentation issues (such as research / survey reports, consultation outcomes, field based practice, etc.)
4) Your introduction
a) Full name, address, email address, mobile phone number
b) Your relationship with community radio (such as a community radio worker, researcher, community member, founder, etc.)