Introduction of Workshops

4th AMARC Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Community Radios
“Community Radio for Resilient Communities”
Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 16-19 November 2018
Venue: Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Jalan Babarsari 44, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia

Introduction of workshops

(Note: The workshops run parallel to each other so participants can choose to participate in one workshop only. Selection has to be made at the time of registration on Day 1: 16 November 2018, Friday)

(1) Workshop 1:

“Managing national level networks of community radios – challenges and opportunities” by ACORAB Nepal

(Venue: Room 4310, 4th floor, Teresa Building)

 (Note: Same participants each day)

 This workshop is initiated by the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal, ACORAB.

It will run for two days only (16th and 17th November 2018), for two hours per day.

The workshop will have two parts:

Part 1/Day 1:

Each of the participating national association will make a presentation to introduce its network and discuss some of the main challenges faced by it.

The participating networks are as follows:

  1. ACORAB, Nepal
  2. ARKTL, Timor Leste
  3. BCRA, Bangladesh
  4. CBAA, Australia
  5. CRA, India
  6. JRKI, Indonesia
  7. NFCR, Thailand

Each of the above networks will use 15 minutes to make a presentation.

Part 2/Day 2:

The workshop participants will discuss the common challenges and discuss if some bilateral or multi-lateral activities can be carried out in near future for meeting the challenges collective.

The workshop will have a moderator.

(2) Workshop 2:

“Emergency broadcasting technology for disaster management”:

(Venue: AUDITORIUM, Thomas Aquinas Building)

(Note: Different participants each day)

– Introducing backpack emergency radio by BHN Japan and JRKI Indonesia;

– Artificial intelligence announcer by Seiji Yamaguchi, FM Wakayama, Japan


The latest technologies, which are utilized for emergency radio broadcasting in disaster, are shown in this workshop.


15:30-17:30 (2 hr.) on 16th Nov

14:00-16:00 on 17th Nov

14:00-16:00 on 18th Nov

Contents (same contents in each day)

  • Introduction of Backpack emergency radio by BHN, Japan (Mr. Naoshige Shimura, Mr. Yoshiaki Seto)
  • Demonstration about of assembling Backpack emergency radio by BHN, Japan (Mr. Naoshige Shimura, Mr. Yoshiaki Seto)
  • Sharing experiences of utilization of Backpack emergency radio in Indonesia by JRKI, Indonesia (Mr. Iman Abdurrahman)
  • Introduction of AI Announcer and Auto turn radio receiver by FM Wakayama, Japan (Mr. Seiji Yamaguchi)

-Moderator: Junichi Hibino (FMYY, AMARC AP)


(3) Workshop 3:

Digitalization – The Australian experience ” by Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA)

(Venue: Room 4311, 4th floor, Teresa Building)

(Note: Different participants each day)

The Australian community broadcasting sector has been alive for over 40 years and in that time has grown to over 380 licensed stations, with more than 20,000 people actively participating at stations. In this session delegates will be introduced to the Australian experience and learn about recent developments, including how stations are responding to digitalization through platforms such as digital broadcasting (DAB+) and online distribution.


Emma Couch – National Training Manager at the Community Media Training Organization. Emma has a strong history in community radio. She started out volunteering at Sydney’s only indigenous broadcaster, Koori Radio, and spent five years in various roles including board member and producer at other Sydney based broadcasters. She has also worked for the CBAA, amongst other work organizing the CBAA Conference and Awards, and its Webinar Program.

Martin Walters – Manager of the CBAA’s Community Radio Network program distribution service, which facilitates content exchange amongst stations at a national level. Martin began his broadcasting career in New Zealand some 20 years ago and has gained experience in many on-air and operational roles over that time. He joined the CBAA in 2007 and is passionate about the positive role community radio plays in society.

(4) Workshop 4: “Radio drama production” by Bianca Miglioretto (Switzerland) and Ashish Sen (India)

(Venue: Audio Visual Laboratorium, 4th floor, Teresa Building)

(Note: same participants all three days)

A practical and fun workshop. Participants will learn basics of producing a radio drama. During the conference participants will produce a short radio drama in line with the theme of the conference.

Day 1: How to produce a radio drama and develop a story.

Day 2: Present the different stories, record voices and sound effects, select music.

Day 3:  Editing the radio drama, listen and feedback, finalize the radio drama.


(5) Workshop 5:Mirrors and Reflections” by Nimmi Chauhan and Angarika Guha, MARAA, India

(Venue: Room 4305, 4th Floor, Teresa Building)

Note: same participants everyday

Mirrors and Reflections is a workshop that encourages participants to explore their own experiences of gender and sexuality. The mirror is a surface that allows us to view ourselves, through our own eyes, and others. To dig below our immediate reflections, and listen closely to what remains invisible. Through theater and storytelling exercises, the workshop traces the journey from home, to public space, to the workspace, to reflect on how gender and sexuality is constructed and challenged in our own lives. We invite you to be a part of this workshop, as community media practitioners who can use these tools and reflections in your own programming to create imaginative and radical programs around gender, sexuality, sexual violence, discrimination and love.

The workshop is open to all genders. Our methodology includes individual and group work. We recommend you sign up for all three days to take this journey with us. However, you can also sign up for just one workshop. The facilitators speak English and Hindi, and translation to Bahia will be provided.