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Misinformation does not help fighting covid-19. Some rumors are harmless, while others can be dangerous, stoking fear and threatening health.

Let us set some records straight

Do vaccines against pneumonia protect you against the new coronavirus?

Can eating garlic help prevent infection with the new coronavirus?

Can regularly rinsing your nose with saline help prevent infection with the new coronavirus?

5G mobile networks DO NOT spread COVID-19

Drinking alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous

The new coronavirus CANNOT be transmitted through mosquito bites.

You can recover from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Catching the new coronavirus DOES NOT mean you will have it for life.

Exposing yourself to the sun or to temperatures higher than 25C degrees DOES NOT prevent the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Are antibiotics effective in preventing and treating the new coronavirus?

Are there any specific medicines to prevent or treat the new coronavirus?

How effective are thermal scanners in detecting people infected with the new coronavirus?

Are hand dryers effective in killing the new coronavirus?

Can an ultraviolet disinfection lamp kill the new coronavirus?

Can spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body kill the new coronavirus?

Does the new coronavirus affect older people, or are younger people also susceptible?

Being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort DOES NOT mean you are free from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or any other lung disease.