What is Community Radio?

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What is Community Radio?

Community radio is a distinct media sector and a vital alternative to state owned public broadcaster and commercial private media. It is an important medium for communities to express their own issues and concerns in their own languages and in ways that is culturally appropriate for them.

While community radio practices takes on diverse forms depending on its surroundings, it is usually determined by the following common characteristics:

  1. Community radio must not be for profit but run for social gain and community empowerment;
  2. It should be accountable to the community it seeks to serves and must demonstrate community participation, management and ownership in its structure;
  3. Its purpose is to build community life, lend a voice to members of community, especially those that are generally deprived and support community development.

Community radio is described as “for the people, of the people and by the people”.

AMARC has a strong commitment to gender equality. It strongly believes that women as well as those that are historically marginalized such as the LGBTQI people, dalits, displaced people, etc., have an essential role in the community broadcasting movement and therefore supports a dynamic Women’s International Network (WIN).

AMARC’s overall goal is to help empower those who participate in community radio so their voices are heard, and to allow them to participate in the development of their communities and contribute to building democratically resilient societies.