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Women’s International Network of AMARC

What is AMARC-WIN?

The Women’s International Network (AMARC-WIN) is a large assembly of women’s communicators working to ensure women’s right to communicate through and within the community radio movement.

What are WIN’s main principles?

  • WIN works for women’s right to communicate as a basic human right expressed through community radio.
  • WIN supports women’s empowerment, gender equity, and a general improvement in the condition and position of women worldwide.
  • WIN promotes women’s access to all levels of community radio, including decision making.

  • WIN supports women’s efforts to express themselves within and beyond their communities, by providing training programs and production exchanges at the international and local level.

  • WIN aims to change negative images of both women and men in the media and to challenge stereotypes being reproduced by media all around the world.

  • WIN subscribe to the principles of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

How does WIN work?

Women representatives of AMARC-Members elect a Vice President for Women to sit on AMARC’s International Board, the same for regional AMARC-Boards. WIN members are prominent in decision-making throughout AMARC.

An important tool towards achieving gender equality in the radio stations is the Gender Policy for Community Radio (GP4CR) which was developed by AMARC-WIN Asia Pacific and adopted by the World General Assembly of AMARC in 2010 in La Plata, Argentina. It is available in multiple languages.


For further information, please contact:

Ms. Nimmi Chauhan

President, WIN-AP