Myanmar Petition

Myanmar Petition

Petition: Stop immediately the military’s atrocities in Myanmar

As the world watches in shock the ongoing crimes against humanity, community radios of the world come together in condemning the brutal campaign of violence unleashed by the Myanmar Military.

Community radios from all corners of the world, representing the spirit of freedom of expression and fundamental human rights demand that the Myanmar military immediately stops firing on civilians and all other forms of ruthless oppressions.

We demand that the military junta immediately releases all political prisoners arbitrarily detained under questionable charges and returns the state powers to the elected representatives immediately.

We demand that the military junta immediately restores the internet and returns all forms of broadcast, print and media to civilian control to ensure a free and transparent flow into and out of Myanmar.

We, community radio broadcasters, as citizens of the world demand that the military dictators of Myanmar stops immediately its ruthless actions against the people of Myanmar, its campaign of violence and crimes against humanity.

World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, AMARC, Asia-Pacific